Empowering Early Childhood Education: Community Engagement for Enhanced Nutritional Monitoring in Malang Regency

Uniting in the mission of empowering early childhood education! 🌱📚 The team of lecturers from the Department of Nutrition FIKES UB together with HIMPAUDI Pakisaji, Malang Regency, have successfully carried out Community Service activities on October 7, 2023. In order to follow up on similar activities in 2022, this collaboration became the foundation for improving the skills of PAUD (Early Childhood Education) educators in Malang Regency.

The theme raised in this community service activity is “Strengthening the Skills of PAUD Unit Educators in Measuring and Monitoring the Nutritional Status of Early Childhood in Malang District.” This activity is very relevant considering the importance of monitoring growth through measuring height and weight of early childhood every month.

However, the limited capacity of PAUD educators (teachers) in carrying out these measurements is an obstacle. Therefore, through this activity, it is expected to increase the role of PAUD teachers in monitoring the growth and nutritional status of PAUD students, especially those who rarely attend posyandu.

The event was attended by around 44 participants from 25 PAUD institutions in Pakisaji sub-district. The material on balanced nutrition was delivered with expertise by Mrs. Ayuningtyas Dian A. S.Gz., MP, and continued with material and measurement practices by Dr. Nia Novita Wirawan, STP., M.Sc.

During the activity, the participants were very enthusiastic in listening to the presentation of the material and discussing/questioning related to the topic and their experience in early childhood teaching. The participants hope to continue to participate or be involved in the next community service activity, with topics or themes that are still related to early childhood.

This community service activity was successfully carried out thanks to the support of the BPPM FIKES UB Lecturer Mengabdi Grant through PNBP FIKES in 2023. Together, let’s continue to contribute to creating a healthy and optimally developed young generation! 💪✨