Selamat dan Sukses kepada Prof. Erna Rochmawati, NM., MNSc.,M.Med.ed., Phd

Congratulations and sincere success to Prof. Erna Rochmawati, a beacon in the field of surgical medical nursing who has brought enlightenment and innovation to the world of healthcare. With extraordinary dedication, Prof. Erna Rochmawati has embarked on a brilliant academic journey, carving achievements after achievements to reach the esteemed position of a professor. Her name is not just inscribed in textbooks but has become an inspiration for generations of aspiring nurses and medical researchers seeking clear direction and vision in the healthcare arena.

With prestigious titles and experiences, Prof. Erna Rochmawati has proven that success is not merely a dream but the result of perseverance, hard work, and genuine dedication to advancing knowledge and serving society. Through every step, she has left a trail of inspiration and opened doors for advancements in medical care, especially in the crucial field of surgical medical nursing.

Now, reflecting on her journey, one cannot help but be amazed by the contributions Prof. Erna Rochmawati has made. The titles she holds are not just numbers or letters but symbols of unwavering commitment to continue creating and benefiting the world. With each publication, research, and academic endeavor, she has shown that knowledge is not wealth to be hoarded but a flame to be spread to illuminate the path for others.

Therefore, let us together extend our highest respect and appreciation to Prof. Erna Rochmawati. May her steps always be guided by wisdom, courage, and kindness in inspiring and positively influencing the world of surgical medical nursing. Congratulations and continued success for the journey ahead, and may all her efforts be blessed and filled with unimaginable happiness and success. Thank you for her extraordinary dedication and contribution!