Integrated Services Unit for Sexual Violence and Bullying (ULTKSP)

Integrated Services Unit for Sexual Violence and Bullying (ULTKSP)

The Integrated Services Unit for Sexual Violence and Bullying (ULTKSP) is a division within the Faculty of Health Sciences at Universitas Brawijaya (FHS UB) that advocates for the prevention and provision of comprehensive services for victims of sexual violence and bullying.

This unit was established as part of FHS UB’s commitment in accordance with Rector Regulation Number 70 Year 2020 concerning the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence and Bullying. Its objective is to provide support to all members of the academic community within FHS UB, including students, faculty members, educational staff, and other stakeholders.

The ULTKSP FHS UB team comprises:

  1. Chairperson: Ns. Muhammad Sunarto, M.Kep, Sp. Kep Jiwa
  2. Secretary: Agustiana Dwi Indiah Ventiyaningsih, S.KM, M.Biomed.

If you are aware of incidents involving sexual violence and bullying within the FHS UB, we encourage you to complete the report form below with accurate facts and details about your experience. Your privacy will be safeguarded until you grant permission for access by individuals or institutions to provide you with the necessary support related to your report.

In addition to reporting incidents of sexual violence and bullying, ULTKSP also offers counseling services for both academic and non-academic issues to members of the academic community and educational staff. These counseling and guidance activities are supported by a team of counselors from the Department of Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences.

For members of the FHS UB academic community and anyone else who becomes aware of incidents involving Sexual Violence and Bullying affecting academic community members and educational staff, please submit reports via the following link: https://s.ub.ac.id/laporksp. If you wish to seek counseling and guidance independently, you can make a self-request for counseling and guidance by completing the form available at this link: https://s.ub.ac.id/bkmandiri.

Flow of Counseling Guidance FIKES UB