Guest Lecture With National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch, Taiwan.

✨ Guest Lecture with National Taiwan University Hospital ✨

🗣️ RD. Feng-Ching Liao
(Dietitian/Dietetics Department)

🗣️ RD. Su-Hua Huang
(Director/Dietetics Department)

🗣️ Ms. Ching-Mei Tsai
(Nursing Supervisor /Nursing Department)

🗣️ Ms. Hui-Mei Chen
(Head Nurse/Nursing Department)

🗣️ Ms. Tzu-Chi Lin
(Head Nurse/ Nursing Department)

Guest Lecture akan dilaksanakan pada:
📅 Jumat, 19 Mei 2023
⏰ 13.00 WIB – selesai
🏢 Gedung Kuliah FAAL, Kampus UB Veteran & Ruang Auditorium, lt.5 Gedung FIKES UB
🔊 Topik :

  1. Nutritional care process/medical nutrition therapy for cardiovascular diseases
  2. Sharing dietitian qualifications, job desc, and experience in NTUH and Taiwan
  3. Implementation of patients centered care in nursing care: challenges and support needed”,
  4. Tailored Nursing Intervention applying technology for Cardivascular disease patients”
  5. Nursing innovation for infection control in critical care unit: tools and strategies”.