Alumni Data

FHS UB alumni are affiliated with the legal entity of Universitas Brawijaya Alumni Association (IKA UB), previously under the IKA branch of the Faculty of Medicine UB. Following its status as an independent faculty with the Departments of Nursing and Nutrition in 2022, the Student Affairs and Alumni Ad Hoc Body plans to establish a dedicated IKA for FHS UB alumni under the guidance of the Vice Dean for Student Affairs at FHS UB.

This alumni organization regularly conducts various scientific activities, including alumni sharing sessions, seminars, and training involving alumni. These activities serve as platforms for interaction not only among alumni but also between alumni and current students, providing valuable insights. Notable examples include NursesTalk for nursing alumni and FUNTAZI for nutrition alumni, covering a wide range of topics.

Additionally, alumni actively participate in social initiatives, such as fundraising to support students and alumni affected by COVID-19. Regular fundraising efforts for other social activities, such as donations to charitable institutions, are also carried out.

Below is alumni data for each year at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya.